ForestSafe is licensed by the number of operating systems to be managed and can be extended for any number of operating systems. Our secure purchasing system allows you to specify the precise number of licences required, keeping costs to a minimum.

Included Additional Not available

ForestSafe Features Express Saas Enterprise
Licence cost

Minimal price of the licence

Operating systems included

Number of operating systems (Windows, Unix, Cisco, MAC-OSX) included in each minimal licence

Maximum Operating systems recommended [1]

Maximum number of operating systems that can be managed with the licence

License Expiry

When ForestSafe licence needs renewing

Windows Domains

Number of Windows Domains that can be managed.

Windows Operating System accounts

Windows Domain MSSQL and Local account password management.

Shared Accounts

Windows Application Pool, Task Library and Service account password management.

Unix Operating System accounts

Linux, AIX, HP-UX and MAC OSX password management.

Network Router passwords

Cisco password management.

Remote Terminal

Password free secure audited Remote Terminal to Unix and Windows.

Temporary Account Provisioning

Temporary administrator provisioning with identical password

Binary Large Object (BLOB) file storage

Secure encrypted storage of any file up to 20Mb.

Approval Layer

Require all password retrievals, remote terminal and digital file functions to obtain approval.

Web Application Configuration

ForestSafe Administrator can configure the system from any Domain desktop.

Control Panel Configuration

ForestSafe Administrator can only configure the system on the server where ForestSafe is installed.


Oracle Password management.


Lotus Notes Account password management.


SharePoint Managed Account management.


SAP Password management.

MS SQL Server management

Web Based MS SQL Server password free management.

High Availability [2]

Automatic failover to standby ForestSafe server.

Load Balancing

Installing the ForestSafe database, IIS application and Windows Service across multiple servers


IBM Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager management.

[1] Our largest customer manages 150,000 privileged computer accounts on 65,000 computers. This system has a MTBSI of 3 years over 3 years.

[2] HA installations require a second standby instance and attract an additional 20% discount.