SAP Account licensing

Manage all your SAP passwords free for 30 days. At the end of the trial, check which trial licenses have been activated. Then calculate the cost of replacing them with perpetual licenses.

With ForestSafe itís easy to manage all your SAP superuser accounts such as SAP*. Simply download, install and configure ForestSafe Express, just Trial it and Buy it.

The cost is a minimum £1000 for ForestSafe Express and £250 for each SAP user that you manage. That's it, our licenses are perpetual.

Trial instructions

This tutorial video gives a complete demonstration. From installing and configuring the SAP trial, through to End User SAP login with the new password.

After the trial has completed

To continue running ForestSafe Express, please purchase and activate the following licenses:

You'll will receive your licenses by E-mail, and you can activate them through the ForestSafe Express Control Panel.

Now your SAP accounts are secured, no further maintenance is required and ForestSafe Express licenses are perpetual.

Additional benefits

The standard license also allows you to manage the passwords of 100 (Windows/Unix/Cisco/MAC) operating systems..

To see how to configure Operating System account managment, please browse the video Tutorials that demonstrate every aspect of the configuration. Alternatively customers may prefer to read the Installation Guide .