ForestSafe SessionSafe and LAPSafe

The Risks

The number one risk to your computer systems are your own staff. An administrator with knowledge of a non expiring system account password, could bring your systems down for days, which could cost your organisation thousands, if not millions in lost earnings, not to mention compensations claims or, indeed, its reputation.

Virus containment

Your company may be at risk as a forest without fire breaks. If a virus or hacker gets into your company computers, without password management, it's easy for them to affect every computer, instantly.


Organisations may be failing to meet compliance standards unless they manage their unmanaged accounts and may face financial penalties through compliance failure.

Features and Benefits

  • Centralized access and administration through a secured web based interface
  • Highly configurable access control and dual-authorisation for securing the most sensitive systems
  • Detailed auditing and system tracking
  • Highly scalable policy based password management
  • Fully automated deployment and management with no local agent installation
  • High Availability 3 tier installations, single tier, virtual image or SaaS
  • All access is through a Web Application on your Intranet
  • No passwords are stored in the database, in the registry or anywhere else

Highly scalable

ForestSafe delivers highly scalablepolicy basedaccess to your key IT systems.

Automated policy

It provides an automatedpolicy based control oflocal and central account passwords across your Servers, Local Workstations, Network Devices and other key services.

No need to store

ForestSafe improves on other privileged password management systems by removing the need to store encrypted passwords. Passwords are generated only when required using predictive encrypted password generation.

Agent free or with Windows Agent

Agent free support for Microsoft Windows, AIX, Solaris,HP-UX, Linuxand any devices that support SSH such as Cisco routers and firewalls, deployment is simple and fast. Customer wishing to increase security by closing SMB port 445 can install EESM Agent.