ForestSafe as a Service

ForestSafe as a Service requires no hardware or software installations for rapid deployment, lowering the cost of your roll out

On request, a pre-configured instance of ForestSafe is enabled on a Windows R2 2008 server on a virtual private network and automatically configured. A ForestSafe configuration wizard then asks questions about your infrastructure, what you wish to manage, and who will manage what

Once setup is complete, ForestSafe will continue managing automatically, without furthur user intervention

ForestSafe local installation ForestSafe Software-as-a-Service
Large upfront licence costs and annual support costs Recurring subscription fee, pay as you go
Requires hardware deployment, server licences, backup and networking infrastructure Does not require server hardware. Uses existing internet connection and web browser
Physical and system security are mainly the responsibility of the customer SaaS vendor provides security, typically at data centre standard which is difficult to achieve on-site.

Features and Benefits

  • Entarian has no access to the instance unless the customer enables it
  • Only customers have access to the instance, which is configured with Microsoft best practise security
  • All machines are automatically configured for backup and a number of SLAs are available