ForestSafe Enterprise

ForestSafe Enterprise is designed for larger enterprises. It is a complete Enterprise Password Management and Remote Access Identity Managed system.

ForestSafe Enterprise scales across any configuration of any platform. It will manage all Windows Domain computers, and all your latest AIX computers and SAP systems. It can also manage the accounts of your routers and firewalls, and all yours old legacy kit that only supports Telnet. If you have any in-house systems with accounts that need management, a sophisticated template command mechanism enables you to bring these accounts under the management of ForestSafe as well.

ForestSafe Enterprise consists of a complete installation of 3 separate ForestSafe components: Web Application, Windows Service and Database.

ForestSafe Enterprise Rental

ForestSafe Enterprise is also available at a third of the Enterprise price paid annually. The ForestSafe Enterprise Rental license is identical to the ForestSafe SaaS license without the SaaS Service contract.