ForestSafe Express

ForestSafe is designed for Small to Medium Enterprises that require a complete Password Management and Privileged Access System.

ForestSafe has all the features of LAPSafe.

In addition it is configured through a control panel applet on the server on which it is installed. In addition to help the small company that may not have an expert IT department, we have done all the heavy lifting for you. ForestSafe is fully automated password management system. You are the judge of how much automation you choose at every stage of the configuration. Once configured it runs in the background.

  • Privileged Password management and Remote terminal
  • Approval layer with emails
  • Secure management of large binary files
  • All Windows and Unix like SSH Operating systems e.g AIX, Cisco IOS, Redhat..
  • All Windows shared accounts IIS Pools, Services, Task, MS SQL Databases
  • On Unix supports management by sudo, SSH keys or password, dual authentication
  • Cisco Routers IOS enable and system password